Activate your
Personal Light Grid

Embody your light & re-energise your whole being

Do you feel
rich, radiant
& passionate?

Is this you?

If you’ve found yourself burnt-out, directionless or lacking passion, these are all signals that your body isn’t effectively distributing light through its energy centres.

It's no secret that life can feel overwhelming, particularly in today’s world. It’s easy to get weighed down by fear and carry traumas of the past that recreate unhelpful loops of behaviour in the present. This leads to a loss of connection within our bodies.

When your light flows well through your energy centres, you’re able to drop the fear and experience the bliss of your rich and radiant energy.

Your Light Grid

Re-connect with your full light & potential

Our bodies are meant to naturally feel the flow of energy and light through them daily, just like a tree or a plant. But we aren’t taught how.

We can try to fix it by inhabiting our minds, worshipping at the altar of the mental body, hoping that if we can just ‘figure it out’, our problems will disappear along with our physical tension or worrying thoughts and we’ll finally experience something resembling inner peace. Trying to solve this with the mind only scratches the surface.

The Personal Light Grid Activation goes beyond the mind, it’s a somatic and soul healing tool that restores the natural points of light in your body. It re-connects your natural flow of energy and restores feelings of inner ease, trust, and safety.

What is the Personal Light Grid Activation?

A Somatic Tool

This somatic tool enables a connection to internal light anchor points within your body, assists a felt sense of presence and safety, and soothes your nervous system.

Soul Healing Practice

This practice increases the amount of energy and light your body can hold (also known as your inner light quotient). Doing this allows you to experience the healing energy of your soul.

Emotional Clearing Process

This process works on your emotional body, helping to clear deep-seated fear patterns and old stories that no longer serve your thriving.

Energy Body Activation

This activation will gently and gradually open all of your energy centres (also referred to as chakras in the Vedic Traditions, and meridian points in Traditional Chinese Medicine), to let your energy flow more effectively!

No really, what is my Personal Light Grid?

Your body naturally has many points of light and energy that crisscross and connect from the tips of your toes to the top of your head (and beyond your physical body). I refer to this as your personal light grid.

Activating your Personal Light Grid wakes these light centres up by creating a crystalline matrix of light flow through your body, turning on all of the major and minor energy centres. 

When your energy flows easily in your body, it creates a matching flow in your outer world too. This natural energetic flow is your birthright.

It’s time to restore your birthright.
It’s time to restore your inner light!

Light Grid Activation

The Process

1 — Say YES

The Personal Light Grid activation needs you to say a full-hearted YES to it.

When you’re ready to access the extraordinary in life you’ll be all in to making it happen.

2 — Prepare

Learn about the origins of the Personal Light Grid activation, how this practice was created, and the key quantum theories, energy medicine and somatic healing techniques that form the basis of the activation.

(Video + PDF)

3 — Practice

Immerse yourself in a guided emotion-clearing ritual & the activation.

Includes an instructional How-To video guide, a 20-minute Guided Audio, and clearing ritual pdf.

(Guided Video, Audio + PDF)

4 — Support

For a limited time you can access our Personal Light Grid peer-support Facebook group for free. This will provide a space to learn together, and provide bonus tips to support you! 

(Facebook Group & Supportive Habits Checklist)

“It’s made a huge difference in my outlook and energy!  I don't feel burdened by the things I did previously, I haven’t thought of them at all.”
- Sheehan
“Love it. I was just doing the personal light grid activation to fill myself with light, and while I was soaking up the magic someone signed up and paid for one of my programs!"
- Kellie
"So much has shifted!! It’s like I’m stepping into a life I don’t even recognise in the best way possible! Everything is shifting and changing. I’m not in overwhelm at all, it’s more like I have more capacity now to hold all of it. Opportunities are just popping up!"
- Leanne

Personal Light Grid

What do I get?

Guided Meditation

You'll receive a powerful 20-minute Personal Light Grid Activation Audio that you can use anywhere at anytime.

Explanation Videos

You'll receive videos to learn about the origins of the personal light grid activation, and the key quantum theories, energy medicine and somatic healing techniques that form the basis of it.

PDF Ritual Booklet

The first time you do the Personal Light Grid Activation, a ritual process is recommended. You will receive a PDF outlining a suggested process to make it a sacred and powerful experience.

Facebook Access

For a limited time you can access our peer-support Facebook group for free. This will provide a space to learn together, enhance your personal practice and provide bonus tips to support you!

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Isn't it time to activate your inner light?

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